Saturday, 1 December 2007

I've had somewhat of a mind nourishing, but body weary day.

Up at 6.30 today, that's what time the alarm clock went of today ( namely patch the puppy), he wanted his breakfast. So fed him , packed him off in to the garden whilst I swept and mopped the kitchen floor and then had a cup of tea.

Popped along to a friends as I promised I would dig up and replant four Ash saplings from the back garden to the front garden, and whilst I was on doing it decided to tidy up the boarders. It's been a lovely day to do it, fresh but not to cold. This is where the mind nourishing bit comes in, i don't know about any one else , but this is where I think about life and it's little problems issues etc and I often feel relaxed, recharged etc to cope on a physical level, don't know if this is making sense or not. But the physical aspect of my body was starting to become weary by the end of it.

Later on when I was home, I decided to put some tiles down in my toilet room. I've not long just moved in to this house and it still needs loads doing to it. My parents had stashed away in their shed packets and packets of sticky floor tiles, think they bought them cheap from some where. Anyway they gave some to me, so in my infinite wisdom I decided to put my weary body through yet another task today and tried laying the tiles. I've never done it before, lay tiles, but it's done now, not perfect by along way , but will do for now till I can afford something different. It beats walking on a concrete floor, but now I have a very sore back and knees, but I do feel I have achieved something today, stimulated the and the body. Time to have a cup of tea and relax for a while.

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