Thursday, 6 December 2007

Right we have decided to get into the festive spirit, especially for Lily's sake. Me, I can take Christmas or leave it. It' s a time of year for some reason or other makes me quite depressed. But never mind. We decided to get a Christmas tree today and we have spent the evening decorating it. It's not your normal run of the mill baubles and tinsel thing, we have lots of animals, berries, little bird houses, chains of little gold stars etc. In my opinion it is very paganish in style, but that is just my opinion. Lily really enjoyed doing the tree, we had Christmas songs blasting out in the back ground.

We had a busy day yesterday, Nature's World in Teesvalley, first thing. We meet with other Home Educating families there on alternate Wednesdays. Lots of craft tables set up with lots of glitter and glue to do dangly stars, angels, little treasure boxes and jars to decorate and turn in to t-lights. At times all the children wanted to do was run round and have fun and some of the adults ended up at the craft tables, but after a while the children joined in and fun was had by all. Then in the afternoon Lily went to rainbows. In between nature's world and Rainbow's we popped home to feed the puppy and give him some exercise in the garden.

We have trying to do a five in a row book called 'Grandfather's Journey' by Allen Say, which Lily has enjoyed, but in truth we haven't been able to read it five days in a row this week, what with all the Christmas activities that has been happening. The most that we have been able to do is to compare and name the different modes of transport, resulting in Lily drawing her representation of a scooter. Also there has been in depth chats about moving from one country to another and how people are sad when people they know die and how we try to keep their memory alive. Think we need to carry on with this book for another week and explore more.

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