Sunday, 27 January 2008

I haven't posted in about a week. I've a funny old week, I have struggled in coping with Lily's behaviour and with Patch the puppy, I have not coped well with either of them. To the point that if I have not turned things around with Patch and Lily when they are together, within a month, then I going to have to find Patch a home. It really saddens me that I have reached this decision, as I had made a promise to my self, that come hell or high water, that yet another pet would not come in to our home and then have to be given away for one reason or another. It seems to have been this way for the last 16yrs and it used to devastate me every time we had to See them go. But in my infinite wisdom I thought that now I was living on my own with Lily, that no one would be able to decide that the pet had to go .... not sure this is making sense. But anyway I feel really down that I have come to this decision.

Patch is fine with me, sometimes puppy boisterous, nothing out the norm, but when Lily is in the house and the same room, it's another story. He just won't leave her alone, jumping up , pulling at her clothes, tries to grab her feet as she is walking, if she is sitting he is jumping on her all the time. Lily won't take control and I think Patch has realised this and is therefore taking control of Lily. Hope this makes sense. And to be quite honest I've had enough of all the shenanigans, it had me in tears several times over the last week. I have had a chat with Lily about and we are going to try and find a puppy training class , some where in the County Durham area, so if any one knows of a local puppy class, feel free to post a comment and let me know.

I'm not sure if my coping skills where so low with the stress of life in general, I 'm sure the fact of how well I'm coping / not coping has a huge impact on Lily and her behaviour or if I'm stressed weather I'm just less tolerant. Who knows!

Any way It is Lily's birthday today, she is 7yr. Wow where has the time gone. Lily had her birthday party yesterday, she had a trampolining party, there was her self and 11 of her friends there. the age range was from 19 months to 11yrs, so very interesting the mix of ages but all got on really well and seemed to really enjoy it. My son Ben is 15yr really enjoyed him self playing David Bailey ( or in his words, Jimmy Olsen, the photographer out of superman) and taking photos of every one. Lily received some amazing gifts from her friends, Window art, a red shaped heart bag and barbie accessories set, a jewelry box in the shape of a chair and pouffe, a child's guitar. joke book and another bag, a selection of craft things and one of her Friends made her a plant with flowers in it made out of some kind of felt, all the presents were amazing. Lily has had a fabulous weekend.

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