Wednesday, 2 January 2008

We 've had quite a good day today in this household.

Firstly my parents and sister came to visit and it went much better than I thought it would. I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and declared that Lily received far to many christmas presents this year, namely from my sister. My sister is in her 4o's and is now unable to have children, she is single and lives with my parents. But in her infinite wisdom, ( largely due to the fact that she can't have kids,) she thinks that Lily should be allowed to have absolutely anything that she asks for, which does not lend it self to a very nice respectful child at the moment. I therefore declared that for the next christmas they are only allowed to buy 1 or 2 presents and if they feel that they have not spent sufficent on Lily, I have suggested that they put any other money into a bank account that can be acssessed by my self to help fund educational trips that may / will crop up through the year for Lily. Lily is home educated and frequently goes out on trips to varoius educational places, for which there is often a cost. I feel that instead of an excess of un- nessesary toys their money would be more wisely spent on things that Lily actually needs and hopefully I won't end up with a disrepectful, spoilt child. Well that's my theory and astoundingly my parents agree.

secondly I joined Durham Freecycle yesterday and have successfully found new homes for the 3 wheeled urban detour buggy and fire guard that we had just taking up space. My 2 children are 15 1/2 and almost 7, there are definitely no more babies coming in to this house, so it was time to give the buggy etc away. I'm going to look out other stuff that I can recycle on to others. It's a good feeling being able to pass on things that are still useable.

Thirdly Lily and I had a fairly structured day in an unstructured kind of way. Lily received some lovely craft activities for Christmas, one bing a felt bag and puse set that you sew together your self, Lily wanted to start on the purse today, so she did with so assisstance from me, as this is the first proper sewing thing she has attempted. We managed to sew on the flowers, beads and buttons and part way around the purse, then Lily decided to have a break from iy, hopefully we will finish it of tomorrow. We also have the matching bag to do as well. We also started on another craft activity today which is a bit trckier, it involves making princessess out of pom-poms. not my cup of tea but lily seems to like it.

We have also started a Dick King-Smith book today 'Sophie is Seven', Lily seems to like this, so will let you know how we get on with it.

It got to 2.45 pm this afternoon and I decided that we would all benefit from a bit of fresh air. So Lily and I donned our fleeces, coats, wellies and walking boots. put Patch on his lead and bundled oursleves in to the car and went to Hardwick Hall. Lily took some bread to feed the ducks, Patch was let off his lead for a good run around, and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk. we left at 4pm when it was starting to turn cold and a little dull. It was a very beautiful walk.
A very beautiful place to be, something for everyone to look at.

All in all Lily and I have had a very good day.

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