Thursday, 3 January 2008

Snow has fallen all around me .....

We seem to be developing a bit of a regular luxury round here at the moment ..... and that is being able to stay in bed till nearly 8am. I knew the weather had been rough during the night, as it disturbed me. So the first thing we did when we we got out of bed was to look out side..... and their was glorious white crunchy snow all around.

No sooner had we got down stairs and Lily asked if we could get dressed and go out in the snow, so being the old fogey that I am after a bit of debating I relented ... well we don't get snow that often.

Quick search in the out-house to retrieve the sledge, once again donned our coats, scarfs, hats and gloves and with Patch in tow of we went to Hardwick Hall. It was fabulous seeing this beautiful place covered in snow. We found a nice little area that has a little hill and Lily was happy sledging there for ages, I call this area Rapunzel's Tower.

I think we must have been there nearly hour and half walking around the grounds and sledging. I'm amazed at how many people will stop and chat to you, when out walking their dogs, very friendly, it's quite nice really. While we were their we looked at all the different foot prints in the snow, it was quite easy to differentiate webbed feet and non- webbed feet birds. We looked at other foot prints, humans, dogs, horses etc , all in all fun was had by all. Lily wanted to continue to play out in the snow when we got home, building a rather small snowman, Eventually came in with soaking wet gloves and hands and very cold.

It continued to snow through out the day, quite heavily at times, Had an email saying that we could have something of free cycle, we had to travel to Ferryhill and with all the snow driving became quite hazardous, the car skidded at one point, we were going down a bank, heading towards a T-junction, which lead to the main road of the village. So I had to stop ... well you can imagine what happened, we skidded and the car ended up in the opposite direction, fortunately there were no other cars at this point. Phew. Decided that once we got home I was staying in for the rest of the day.

Lily completed the purse that she started yesterday, she is very chuffed to have completed it, along with the fact that she did most of it her self. She wants to start the bag tomorrow. :-)

We read more of 'Sophie is Seven' by Dick King Smith, Lily is starting to really enjoy this book and has also decide that tomorrow she is going to find her pastels and pad and draw some of the animals out of the story .... watch this space. Must put on my to do list ... to find my camera charger, so that I can uploaded on to the PC.... but it is misplaced in a friends house and may never be seen again ... only joking Claire :-)

On the down side to today though is , Lily became unwell with a sore throat and cough and lost her voice shortly after Christmas and has been slowly getting better, but seems to have taken a slight turn for the worse this afternoon. Her cough seems to be getting worse again along with a hoarseness of her voice. She was very disappointed on Sunday gone 30Th of Dec as she had to miss a pantomime that her Badger group were going to and it looks like she is going to miss her friend Will' s birthday party on Saturday coming, she is very upset :-( . We are really missing our friends, it seems to affect me the most, when we don't see our friends. Ho hum, part of life I suppose.

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