Monday, 7 January 2008

Picked Lily up today at 5pm, ready to take to her Badger sett, which she does on a Monday night. Lily loves going here, meeting with other people, having tuck money to be able to spend on appropriate food stuffs. But on our way to Badgers, Lily pleaded with me to leave her by herself tonight and after an earlier disscussion in the day , I agreed to leave the building once she was settled.

So my next problem, What to do with my self for a hour in Spennymoor, not a lot of choice believe me. Anyway I took my self of to Asda and had a wander round. In the end I was rather self indulgent ..... I bought my self some flowers. I love flowers, but I can count on one hand how many times I have bought them for my self in the last few years, and I'm sad to realise that I have only done it two or three times. I think nothing of buying them for other people and have done on a very regular basis. I seem to have a problem in justyfing the expense for my self, any I saw some beautiful red and yellow Tulips and was drawn to them, but it took me a while to convince myself to buy them, but they are now sitting in an over sized vase on my mantle, looking very nice.

Poppies are in my opinion the most beautiful flower of all, so fragile.

And this is ( if I have done it right ) one of my favourite scenes, and it is a field near where I live, some where between Coxhoe and Sedgefield in county Durham.

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soo said...

on checking my post over and looking at the photo of the poppies, I've realised that it doesn't do the scene much justice, some thing to practice and master .... uploading pictures on to my blog, one thinks !!