Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I'm struggling in a big way at the moment with Lily and a huge lack of patience. Lily is seven at the end of the month, and usually she goes to bed at 7pm, has a bit of a story and listens to relaxing music, (her long standing favourite is Juliana with skyfire, so very relaxing) and then she is usually asleep by 7.30 / 8pm but for some unknown reason the past 2 nights it has been after 10pm when she has finally gone to sleep. Which hasn't gone down very well with me... unfortunately for Lily.The pattern of the previous 2 nights has been ..... bed normal time followed by endless trips up and down the stairs, it was starting to do my head in, but I tried to be patient ........ but not tonight on her second trip down the stairs I blew my stack, big style and consequently she hasn't been back down since .... must check that she is ok. mmmm still awake at 8.30pm. Wonder what would be a normal expectation for a seven yr to be in bed and a sleep .... ideas anyone.

Consequently we slept in today, we needed to be out of the house by 8.30 but didn't wake till 8am, so we didn't get out until 9am.

It was our first visit of the year to Nature's World, Which is in Middlesborough. My parents live in Redcar and they asked us over for lunch after Nature's World, but because it would otherwise mean patch being in his cage for a very long time, it was decided that we would set of very early and take Patch to my parents house, while we went to Nature's world. Which was good for Patch as my mum and dad took him out for a long walk which they all enjoyed.

Lily and I went of to Nature's world where we meet up with other Home Educating families and generally good fun is had by all. This week there was no organised craft activity, which there usually is, but instead there were lots of boxed board games, Lego, k'nex and play dough activities. All the kids were so excited to see each other that they organised there own games and didn't want much interruption from the adults. It's lovely seeing everyone get on with each other, it is very rare to hear any bickering, fighting ( other than being part of the game), crying etc. It is just so nice being in a relaxed friendly environment and being able to chat to similar like minded people of varying backgrounds.

On more of a mundane note, there has been some interludes of maths ( Horizen), reading by Lily, currently using oxford learning tree, but will try other things like the old Janet and John's, which are making a bit of a come back and lots of playing with Christmas toys.

Tomorrow I think we are going to have a bit of chilled out bonding day at home. Might have a look at doing some baking / cooking together. :-)

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