Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Well it's been a bit of an interesting day today, took me a while to get motivated. I'm not sleeping particularly well lately and feel like I have bags under my eyes the size of suitcases and it is taking me a while to pull round.

Lily received a lovely gift of a good friend for christmas, it was a Venture portrait photography sitting, so today was the planned day to have the photograph session. Lily really enjoyed the session, dancing, running, jumping and generally prancing around for a hour, had me exhausted just watching. Lily had decided to take along two outfits to change in to, one being her christmas day dress and one being a witches out fit that she had for halloween. The gentleman who took the photographs was very good with Lily, making her laugh, pull different face etc Our preview session is next Tuesday, the man took 106 pics and said that they would put a selection of 30 to 40 pics for me to choose one from ..... think that will be tricky, choosing one photo out of all of them, but I do look forward to seeing them all.

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