Monday, 14 January 2008

This is the first time that we have actively taken part in the weekly project, so please bear with us, while we plod on in our merry way, and see what you all get up to.

Lily and I decided to do some baking during the week.

Anyway there were plenty of pastry scraps left over and we just started messing around with it, a bit like playdough in away. Which brought me to thinking about a blog that I read often and the suggested topic for this week is sculptures, Lily and I ended up doing a mini version of Stonehenge and a one of a dog eating from a bowl, we later put them in the oven on a very low temp to dry out and harden. Unfortunately I can't take pictures to upload on to my computer as my camera is flat and the charger is at a friends house, hiding somewhere :-) Any way Lily and I had a whale of a time doing this. When we had finished playing with the dough, Lily asked if I could find her some pictures of Stonehenge for her to have a look at. This one with the sunset seems to be our favourite, but there were generally some very awe inspiring pictures of Stonehenge.


Andrée said...

I love hearing stories like yours: baking / education / extensions to real learning. I thought perhaps you had eaten your creations before you could photograph them! I would have! I just adore pie crust dough cinnamon twists and yours must have been great. I don't sculpt, so I did Puzzles, since I had missed that it is my forte.

Anonymous said...

Hello Soo,

Sorry I am so late dropping by this week. I am usually far more prompt than this, but my blog move is very time consuming.

I am so glad that you are joining us for the projects! I would love to have seen the mini Stonehenge so I hope you find your charger!

Will you join in next Monday for "toothpicks?" (Or anything wooden really, the ideas are merely suggestions). Hope to see you then!