Thursday, 10 January 2008

Well we did stay at home today and had a day of just messing together. Firstly we got the day underway with some Horizon maths, which seemed to go down fairly well, Lily then still wanted to do more math work, but asked if she could do on the computer. I managed to find a web link that a friend had once mentioned to me previously. Lily really enjoyed it today. She once had a go at this on a friends computer and to be honest Lily struggled with it, But today there were no problems, she had to sort out a group of numbers, place them in to circles one for odd numbers and one for even numbers. We also found another game, where the object is to find the line of symmetry, again Lily seemed to grasp this quite quickly today and we also touched on the symbols of less than, more than numbers < >
All in all Lily really enjoyed her maths today.

We did decide to do some baking today, not very adventurous, but Lily decided that she would quite like to some Vege sausage rolls. we don't do sausage rolls as a rule, I don't like them and Lily can't have ordinary rolls as most of them are made some derivative of pork and Lily has a pork intolerance, but since we had some vege sausages in that's what we did. Lily loves them.

Anyway there were plenty of pastry scraps left over and we just started messing around with it, a bit like playdough in away. Which brought me to thinking about a blog that I read often and the suggested topic for this week is sculptures, Lily and I ended up doing a mini version of Stonehenge and a one of a dog eating from a bowl, we later put them in the oven on a very low temp to dry out and harden. Unfortunately I can't take pictures to upload on to my computer as my camera is flat and the charger is at a friends house, hiding somewhere :-) Any way Lily and I had a whale of a time doing this. When we had finished playing with the dough, Lily asked if I could find her some pictures of Stonehenge for her to have a look at. This one with the sunset seems to be our favourite, but there were generally some very awe inspiring pictures of Stonehenge.

Tonight I 've invited a friends mum round for dinner and apart from Christmas day, it is the first time that someone has come round of an evening for a meal, I plan to do stuffed mushrooms to start with, stuffed with baby braised leeks and garlic with breadcrumbs topped with goats cheese, followed by homemade chicken Kiev, roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots followed by home made chocolate mouse made with pureed avocado, and bananas and cocoa powder, all mixed together and topped with cacoa nips, I know it doesn't sound very appetising but believe me the mouse is delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for "de-lurking" at my blog! I was really happy to read about your pastry project! A pastry Stonehenge is a very original idea. That's one of the things that I am really enjoying with this weekly project, seeing
all the wonderfully creative things that people come up with.

Please be sure to put your link in on my blog on Monday when all the other "sculpture" posts will be up. Part of the fun is visiting each other to see what everyone came up with.

I am glad you liked the Fairy Moon suggestion. It really is a lovely CD, even for adults. I hope you and your daughter enjoy it.

Thanks again for commenting. It is nice to "meet" you!