Saturday, 12 January 2008

Oh I'll get my moan over quick today. I really really fancied a bacon sandwich for my dinner tonight, but it's been more hassle than it was worth ...... I'd put the bacon on to cook, but Patch was up to something that he shouldn't have been and I burnt the bacon ever so slightly, but the smoke alarm has been going off intermittently ever since. Currently sitting with the back door open as I type.* deep sigh*

I acquired a new and lovely bookcase last night, courtesy of freecycle. And as I was up very early this morning, I decided that I would but all of Lily's books on the bookcase and try and sort out her room (bed), make it less cluttered in the hope that she will find it more appealing to sleep in. She has already stated that she is going to sleep in there come Monday. Fingers crossed. we have co-slept for most of her life apart from a brief spell earlier last year, but when we moved in here in October she took to my bed again. I've been patient about it, but would quite like to have my bed back to myself now. She is seven in a couple of weeks, so I don't think I'm being too unreasonable about it.

I took myself of to Durham late this morning in order to buy a new spring loaded cake tin, in an earnest attempt to start preparing for Lily's Party. She is going to have a trampolining party and we can have up to 12 guests, So Lily is busy getting a list of friends names together . The list changes frequently apart from 3 and they are always at the top, starting with her self, then H and M, after that it changes frequently, I can feel a headache and a challenge coming on :-) I'm so pleased that it only happens once a year.

Also while I was in Durham, I decided that I would buy all the cards I would need, and it just astounds me the price of cards, We have a busy week coming up ...... it starts with my mum's birthday, then my mum and dad's wedding anniversary, close friend's husbands' birthday, lily's birthday and my birthday all in the same week. I ended up buying 6 cards , but at least I'm prepared. :-)

The biggest news so far this week is....... wait for it ...... the TV has been banned. The licence was due for renewal and I have decided that in my infinite wisdom that in the short term we will try and do with out the TV. Don't know how well we will cope, so watch this space. Lily could easily be addicted to the TV and I'm afraid I use it as company on a night, The voices in the background while I'm typing at the PC, makes me feel as if there are others in the house, and you don't get the same effect with music. Although I love all kinds of music, it's just not the same as someone chatting.

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